Krista wants other women to know the importance of being screened in the 40s

When I found a lump in my breast one evening before going to bed, it knocked me to my knees. My husband had encouraged me to visit our family physician that week because of how…

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A routine mammogram allowed Deb’s cancer to be detected early. Now she is advocating so that all women are informed about the benefits of mammograms.

In January of 2021, I received a phone call that I had to return for another mammogram and possibly an ultrasound. I have been going for my mammograms for a long time. I never missed…

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Diagnosed at age 36, Jeannine wants all women to know their density and that cancer doesn’t discriminate.

J'avais 32 ans lorsque ma main effleura mon sein droit ; une bosse. Je ne pouvais pas arrêter de le toucher. Je ne pouvais pas arrêter d'être obsédé par ça. J'ai appelé ma sœur qui est médecin et elle

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Only 25 when her cancer was found, Katharina wants women to know no one is too young for breast cancer.

We should probably start at the beginning: It was December 2019 when I felt the lump in my breast. My gynecologist told me I would be too young for breast cancer as I was only…

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Jennifer Story

Jennifer’s doctor recommended a mammogram when she turned 40, thereby allowing for a stage 1 cancer to be detected

On January 31, 2019, I heard my doctor say, “you have breast cancer”. Say what? My eyes were wide open and filling with tears. This couldn’t be true. I had recently turned 40 and was…

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Joycelyn Story

A routine mammogram led to the finding of an early-stage cancer, preventing her from needing a mastectomy and chemotherapy.

On June 10th, 2021, I went in for my routine mammogram. First thing in the morning on June 11th, I received a call from the hospital advising that further diagnostics were required as there was…

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Erin Story

A l’approche de la quarantaine, Erin a interrogé son médecin généraliste sur le dépistage, et même s'il savait qu'elle vivait à l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard, une province où les femmes peuvent se présenter spontanément elles-mêmes à 40 ans, son médecin généraliste ne l'avait pas recommandé. Juste après son 40e anniversaire, son mari a senti une grosseur dans son sein.

J'ai demandé à mon médecin généraliste, “À quel moment dois-je commencer le dépistage du cancer du sein ?” J'approchais de mon 40e anniversaire et je me suis dit qu'un examen médical complet était probablement quelque chose qui devrait être envisagé. Mon

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Hannah Story

Hannah had symptoms of breast cancer but stopped asking for imaging because she was continuously dismissed.

I was 27 years old, studying abroad in Hong Kong, and living on campus. My alma mater was back home in the Netherlands. I felt a lump and ignored it at first, until I felt…

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Kelly knew she could self-refer for a mammogram at 40 in PEI. Booking that mammogram may have saved her life.

Il y a environ 6 mois, à l’âge de 41 ans, j’ai eu ma première mammographie. J’habite sur l'Île du Prince-Édouard (IPE) et j’avais entendu parler du Programme provincial de dépistage du cancer du sein disponible à toute femme

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Denied a mammogram in her 40s, Natalie found a lump at 46, and it was already Stage 4 breast cancer.

En février 2019, j’ai trouvé une petite masse de la taille d’un pois cassé dans mon sein. Puisque j’avais 46 ans et que je n’étais donc pas éligible pour

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